Shopping with your community in mind…

I’d like to challenge you, if I may, to use some of your savvy shopping skills to help those in need.
On Fridays,  I write for the Women Worth Knowing project,  the past three weeks I have focused on coupons.
Here’s links to those three posts.
1. week 1
2. week 2
3. week 3
My hope is to empower you to save money on your grocery purchases each week, month, year. My wish is that you will keep those who are in need of help in mind when you shop. I have tons of coupons that are great deals (free or mostly free deals), but they’re not things my family uses. I could toss those coupons, but instead I set aside $5 a week in my grocery budget (that’s roughly $20 a month or 4 lattes) to shop and coupon for the less fortunate in my community. It’s not about how much you can give, but rather about giving what you can. Once a month, I will show you what I (or another shopper I am profiling) has purchased for those in need. It’s great to save, it’s awesome to save and give back to your local community.
If you would like to be featured in one of my Shopping with your community in mind posts please email me at adashofdomestic (@) verizon (dot) net

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