Shopping with your community in mind. My donation this month.

1. A brief intro about you, including your blog info if you have a blog.

I’m Jamie. I’m a house wife and stay at home parent, I have two middle school aged kids. This is my blog.

2. a picture of your monthly donation


My monthly donations run from 16th of one month to the 15th of the next month. This is the donation I am about to take. There are 49 items, but some of it is overstock from my pantry.
3. How you decide what items to purchase for donation?
Usually it’s items I would buy for my family, with the exception of the ramen type meals (I got those free).
4. Do you use coupons to obtain those donation items?
Absolutely. I am able to give twice as much because I use coupons. The value of my current donation is close to $50. I paid close to $25 for it all (including the things from my pantry).
5. How much you spent per month on the items you bought for donations?
I usually spend about $20 a month.
6. Do you involve your family in the process?
Sometimes. They know that I donate, and sometimes they help me pick things to give. I have done my very best to raise children who think of others.

I’ll post one more donation profile this month. I just did not want to ask others to do something I had not done myself yet.


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