The impact of couponing.

Did you watch the new TLC show “Extreme Couponing” on Wednesday night? I did. It was very interesting.

While I was impressed with the savings the featured couponers received, I was left wondering if they could really use everything that they bought before it expired. It seemed a little excessive, but I guess that was really the point of the show. I was left wondering if they took some of the products they got for next to nothing and donated them to a food bank. I was left wishing that they had. It seemed a bit selfish to me. I’ve been to the store when a “sale” item has been totally gone, and I always found it very frustrating, I guess I never realized it might have been one person who took it all.

I’m not an extreme couponer.

1. I don’t have the space in my home to devote to a massive stockpile.

2. That sort of couponing really seems to take over your life.

I was at Target yesterday, and of course I had my coupons with me. I was really surprised how many people stopped to ask me about my coupons. It was really interesting at the check out. Half of the people behind me wanted to know how much I saved, the other half were just annoyed that I had delayed their departure from the store.

I saved about 45%. My total before coupons was over $100, after coupons it was $62.00. That’s pretty good for a store that does not double or triple coupons.

Speaking of double and triple coupons… I believe my Tom Thumb (Safeway company) has stopped doubling and tripling. The last few times I shopped there I noticed that none of my coupons were doubled.

I have also heard that Kroger may stop their double/triple program.

The Albertsons in my town has been closed.

Since I can not rely on the double/triple for my savings anymore, I’ve begun to look more towards stores like Super Target and (Meh) Super Walmart.

I like Target better than Walmart and if I have a choice, I’m going to Target. Some Walmart deals are hard to pass up though, and Target’s price match policy is frustrating. See my earlier post to read about my experience with price match at Target. In a nut shell, you either take those items to the Customer service center to check out, or you buy them at one of the registers and then take them to the Customer Service center to get an adjustment. Either way, it’s time-consuming.

Walmart’s price match policy is easier, they take care of it at the register as you are checking out. I just wish I liked shopping there, I like friendly store staff and Walmart employees are hit or miss. Some are great, others well, I feel like I’m really impacting their social time if I need help.

I forgot where I was going with this post. Oops! Okay wait, I think I found it.

Couponing to me is about saving my family money on the things we use. It’s about having enough extra on hand that if we have a bad month we’ll still be okay. It’s not about having two years worth of food. It’s not about taking every thing I can from the store for the lowest price possible. All things in moderation, but that’s just me.


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