Couponing and you


One of the things I will be writing about is coupon shopping.
Anywhere I can save money, I want to.
It’s an expensive world. In my early 20’s, I cared about high-priced, fancy items. I spent a small fortune (to me at the time) on a Dooney and Bourke purse, matching wallet, coin purse and key fob. I would smack the younger me for wasting all that money on a purse, if I could. I’m more likely to be excited about how much I saved vs how fancy my ____ is today. Now, I’m older, wiser and I care much more about the bottom line. How much am I spending? How can I decrease that total without impacting my ability to provide good things for my family?

Coupons, my friend, coupons. They’re paper (like money) and electronic (like credit\debit cards). One by one they don’t seem like much, but in small, cost cutting groups they are MIGHTY.

If I told you that you could save $30 on a grocery trip that would normally cost you $100 you’d be interested right? It’s $30 you don’t have to spend if you use coupons and shop sales. Sure, the Sunday paper cost a little and printing coupons takes printer ink and paper, but let’s say the paper and printing cost you $8 a week, bringing your weekly savings of $30 off $100 to $22 off $100. $22 each week (using 4.33 as the number of weeks per month) is $95 a month and $1140 a year. That’s no longer small change.
Every shopping trip won’t be 22% to 30% off. Some may be less, some may be more. Mine is usually more.

Watch for weekly posts about coupon shopping and how you can save money on the things you already buy.


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